Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So Matrixx how are you affiliated with FNF?
Well, that’s a long story kind of, but I’ll try to make it short as possible. When I was 15 or 16 I heard “Failure” by Lupe, and around the same time I created a myspace. By being on Lu’s page listening to his music, I ran across Mixmastermegan and me and her got real cool. Through Megan I met Rob Bates, and we got cool, and I met bishop G and Shayla G and I got cool with them, and then I met Danny Milk and one man gang, and we were like the first Lupe Fiasco support team on myspace that I knew about. I know the “Femmes” came up around that time too. Bishop G is kind of like my big brother through music, I use to send my lyrics over to him and he would give me advice on what I should work on and different things like that. It’s crazy talking to them now and seeing how far we came since then, and we actually kick it in real life, but it all started on myspace. Shout out to Tom.

Where did your stage name come from?
Well it actually didn’t come from doing music, it came from sports. I played football from when I was 10 through high school, and one game when I was in 8th grade a spectator said “He’s so fast, he makes everyone else look slow, like they’re in the matrix.” So I went around telling people I’d put them in the matrix, and my friends just started calling me that and it’s stuck till now. I added the extra X because of my homies over at Abstraxx Clothing. I just thought the extra X looked really dope. I wish I had a more interesting story that than, but that’s it (laughs).

So how long have you been rapping?
I started taking rapping seriously when I was 10, so it’s going on 9 years.