Wednesday, September 24, 2008


i sit back in the lab
a pen and a pad
wondering y wud u give a dam
about what a kid wit no dad

has to say
on any given day
i get deep as MLK
in the worst way

beast at this shit, i've been practicing since i was 10
since kima was my crush, and trav was my best friend
wit dreams of seeing my face on espn
i swear i didn't see an end

but when one door closes, i bust through the next 1
streetwear, fitted hat, skateboard, and cocked gun
wit a ski mask like i'm "on the run"
in all black like rev run

shit ain't fun

but i bet i handle my shit well
im more wanted than "chanel"
wit the silence of a whale
wearing a cowbell

u see me coming from miles away like u see a snail
i was never afraid to lead, but always made to trail
well i guess now im jus mad as hell
bcuz i know i've been the truth since i was watchin duck tales

now if u don't know me, u must not have an e-mail
or u been living wit the seashells
my fame is growin so much, they askin me for pre-sales
and if i'm gonna put my shit in retail
the future?..nigga i don't see well
but i know im nice, thats exactly y i sleep well



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