Friday, January 2, 2009



it gets crazy over a while..
u realize shit around u is fake, including yo smile..
all i can really say is "wow"
bcuz 2 years ago i was homeless, look at me now...

so to me, i got the right to be cocky
even if i dont go platinum, my lil sister got me
life is real cool, plus these bitches say they like me
but its hard to cope wit, cuz i kno none of them are wifey

the bullshit don't excite me
came a long way from them white tees
air force nikes
and living in them in pipe dreams..

i stress over shit that most ppl think are light things...
bcuz growin up i never had nice things..
so supposedly, big houses and cars shud entice me...
but im tryna chill, ima call that the "nice me"

push me if u want, u wont like wat u finding..
fought for nothing short of life, while i was out here grinding..
them niggaz know my steez, u ain't got to remind em..
they say "u aint famous yet?", i'm jus waiting for perfect timin


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